Detailer offers owners a reasonable cosmetic plan

- May 16, 2018-

After cleaning and polishing operations, we need to use the right way to protect the paint surface and make it last longer to show its perfect effect.

The more common protective agents, usually palm wax, synthetic polymer seals, and a mixture of the two, plated crystals, etc., these products can be regarded as a hidden barrier, attached to the paint, forming a layer of protection , Make the paint and dust, industrial dust, bird droppings, UV and other pollutants isolated. Of course, no matter which protection method you choose, over time, they will gradually lose their effect. At this time, we need to use new protective agents again to extend the good effect of the paint.

Most of the protective agents have a splash/drive effect. In general, natural palm wax is more water-repellent than synthetic wax/encapsulated products. By comparison, we found that in the rainy days, the surface of the work after waxing is highly water-repellent and the water drops naturally on the paint surface. The surfaces that use the seals are smoother, but their water repellency is weak, and most of them are in a flooded state. The duration of plated crystals will be longer. We use good water/water flooding as one of the criteria for judging whether the paint is protected. For example, after the water is flushed, the water of the paint is spread out and does not form. The water droplets or show the state of flooding, and the degree of protection of the paint surface is very likely to be very low. (Note that water flooding/water splashing is not the only criterion to determine whether paint is protected.)

We have four different ways to protect the paint, of course, these four types of products can provide the brightness, reflection, lubrication and durability are also different, the need to detailer according to the conditions of the car paint a reasonable choice of products.