Electronic hydraulic brake system

- Apr 08, 2019-

Electronic hydraulic brake system

The Electronic Hydraulic Brake System (EHB) is based on traditional hydraulic brakes. The operating mechanism replaces the traditional hydraulic brake pedal with an electronic brake pedal, eliminating the bulky vacuum booster.

The integrated electronic pedal sensor accurately senses the driver's control pedal's priority and converts it into an electrical signal that is transmitted to the electronic control unit. The high-pressure hydraulic control unit automatically adjusts the wheel's brake pressure according to different driving conditions. This system shortens the reaction time and also avoids the vibration caused by the reaction force of the hydraulic mechanical brake system, which causes the driver to unconsciously reduce the risk of braking force. The actuator replaces the pressure regulator and ABS module in the conventional brake with a comprehensive brake module that contains components such as motors, pumps, batteries, etc. It can generate and store brake pressure and can be used for 4 The braking torque of the tire is individually adjusted. Compared to traditional hydraulic brakes, EHB has made significant progress:

Main advantage

(1) Compact structure and improved braking efficiency;

(2) The control is convenient and reliable, and the braking noise is significantly reduced;

(3) No need for a vacuum device, which effectively reduces the kicking of the brake pedal and provides a better pedal feel;

(4) Due to the increased modularity, the design flexibility is improved during the vehicle design process, the number of components of the brake system is reduced, and the arrangement space of the brake system in the vehicle is saved. The limitation of EHB is that the entire system still requires hydraulic components and is inseparable from brake fluid.

EH B is based on the traditional hydraulic brakes. Unlike traditional automotive brake systems, EH B replaces some mechanical components with electronic components and is an advanced mechatronic system. EHB replaces the pressure regulator and ABS module in conventional brakes with a comprehensive brake module. This integrated brake module consists of motors, pumps, accumulators, etc. It generates and stores brake pressure and can individually adjust the braking torque of the four wheels. At the same time, in EHB's electronic control system, the corresponding program is designed. By controlling the electronic control components to control the braking force and the distribution of the braking force of each axis, ABS and ASR functions can be fully realized.