Electronic rearview mirrors will eliminate traditional rearview mirrors

- Mar 18, 2019-

Electronic rearview mirrors will eliminate traditional rearview mirrors

In September, Lexus brought a technological revolution, the world's first ES300h production car with electronic rearview mirrors, and it was launched in the Japanese market in October.

For electronic rearview mirrors, the concept car at the auto show is not uncommon, just because the relevant legal policies do not allow the legal rear view of the electronic rearview mirror. However, Japan has taken the first step. It is believed that the policies of other countries will be revised in the near future, and the progress of the car will inevitably replace the traditional rearview mirror.

So what are the benefits of electronic rearview mirrors?

First of all, it will solve the problem of visual blind zone. Because the traditional rearview mirror causes a certain visual blind zone due to congenital deficiency (lens curvature) and the driver's line of sight factor, the electronic rearview mirror perfectly solves this problem through the camera's perspective, and is not affected by it. External environment restrictions.

The second is the wind resistance problem. Everyone can understand the shape here. Nowadays, the car companies have not worked hard on the rearview mirror in order to pursue a good drag coefficient. Finally, the rearview mirror shape of the production model is also various. The electronic rearview mirror is smaller and gives a smaller drag coefficient.