Engine internal detergent product performance

- Feb 04, 2019-

Engine internal detergent product performance

1. It can effectively clean carbon, gelatin and other harmful substances inside the engine.

2. It can prevent the combination and remove the oil film and sludge formed by the old engine oil, so as not to reduce the performance of the new engine oil.

3. It can improve the efficiency of the engine, thereby reducing noise and reducing fuel and oil loss.

4. It can neutralize the long-term harmful acidic substances generated inside the engine.

5. Can clean the crankcase PVC valve. Ability to clean hydraulic tappets and valve lifters.

6. It can clean the lubrication system of the engine, reduce the engine temperature, enhance the fluidity of the oil and improve the lubrication efficiency. Can avoid engine burning oil.

7. The cleaning agent inside the engine is very simple to use, and the inside of the engine can be maintained, cleaned, and cleaned internally without disassembling the engine.