Exhaust pipe classification

- Aug 09, 2018-

Exhaust pipe classification

1. Back pressure exhaust pipe

The principle is the same as the original one, but the sound will be better than the original one. Most of the original cars use this type of tube mainly by the volume change of the grid silencer or tube inside the tube to generate a pressure that will return to the cylinder when the engine After ignition, the piston begins to stroke the force, and the exhaust valve opens before the piston reaches the bottom dead center. At this time, the back pressure inside the pipe will block the exhaust gas from escaping, allowing the mixture to reach complete combustion. However, if the back pressure is too strong, the exhaust gas will not be completely discharged from the cylinder, causing the exhaust gas to burn with the mixed gas to reduce the combustion efficiency. Of course, the most direct result is the horsepower output. Its advantages: low noise and good low-speed torque. Disadvantages: Exhaust gas cannot be discharged quickly at high speed, affecting engine power output and low volume.

2. Half return pressure tube

Of course, the pressure of this kind of pipe back pressure is low, and the smoothness of the exhaust pipe is better than that of the back pressure pipe. It is a moderate back pressure between the back pressure pipe and the straight pipe to obtain the starting torque and exhaust. The degree is better than the back pressure tube. Of course, the medium and high speed torque is also larger than the back pressure tube. Advantages: The mid-to-tail speed torque performance is good. Disadvantages: The noise is too large and the volume is large.

3. Straight pipe

Acceleration will be better than the back pressure tube, but the biggest disadvantage is that it is very noisy. It will make the "police uncle" chase you with very low back pressure, no resistance to exhaust, low torque at low speed, and high torque at medium and high speed. . Advantages: smooth exhaust, high speed and strong torque. Disadvantages: low speed soft power, high noise (some people say it is easy to burn the steam valve does not know if it is true) The volume is too large.

4. Semi-straight tube

In fact, the semi-straight pipe is the same as the semi-return pipe. The exhaust pipe diameter is larger than that of the semi-return pipe. Advantages: The starting torque is lower than the half back pressure, but the medium and high speed torque is large.

5. Variable exhaust pipe

The exhaust is controlled by a valve to optimize sound and performance.