Explore what factors affect the performance of the crystal glass coating film?

- Mar 23, 2018-

Experimental subject

white car for construction of Kisho Premium Glass Coating Kit

Experimental time

More than 2 months

Experimental tools

Strong acid, alkali, car washing liquid, car wash clay, asphalt remover, iron powder remover

Experimental Purpose

Explore the impact of strong acids, alkalis, car washes, car wash clay, asphalt removers, and iron powder removers on plating performance

Experimental  procedure

Divide the paint into different plates, apply strong acid, strong alkali, car washes, car washes, asphalt remover, iron powder remover, wait for 1 hour, rinse with water, observe the hydrophobicity of the paint

Experimental results

Only "car wash clay" failed. Clay can destroy the water repellent performance and brightness of the surface of the crystal glass coating.