FAW Volkswagen Kaidi Introduction

- Apr 13, 2019-

FAW Volkswagen Kaidi Introduction

Launched in Germany in February 2004. As the first high-top multi-purpose sedan in China, Kaidi has opened up another new field in China's auto market. Kaidi, which has duality of products, breaks through the traditional MPV concept and introduces the dual functions of manned objects, which fully reflects more human care, opens up the unique market space of the domestic automobile market, and realizes all-round life. Multi-functional, the standard of the utility vehicle is upgraded to the "all-round" height. Thanks to Kaidi's flexible and easy-to-combine oversized interior space, comfortable and safe driving experience, the “Space Driving Concept” advocated by this car has achieved a cutting-edge breakthrough, satisfying consumers' extension of the living space in the car. Sexual requirements. The unique 1.22m high-top design ensures the ride comfort of the driver and the driver, maintains a good view of the driver and passengers, and increases the space for riding and storage. Moreover, Kaidi's carrying capacity is extremely strong, with a net load of up to 725 kg, which is twice that of an ordinary car. It can fully meet the requirements of various SME commercial vehicles. In addition, Kaidi can also choose the third row of seats, the maximum can be used for 7 people, and the third row of seats is excellent in the optional position, suitable for adults, and easy to disassemble, especially suitable for a multi-port travel. Also suitable for business applications.

The interior of Kaidi is mainly black.

 With a typical popular style, since the width and height of the cockpit are much larger than that of a normal car, the details are grasped with roughness, and both the center console and the general storage box are informal. It falls in line with the style of the whole car.

In terms of power, Kaidi uses the latest 1.6LRSH gasoline engine specially built by Volkswagen for the PQ35 platform. The technology is more advanced, the engine runs more smoothly and is more fuel efficient. The displacement is not large, and the acceleration is considered to be medium. In terms of fuel consumption, its fuel consumption of 90km/h is only 7.2L/100km. In all fairness, this level of fuel consumption is already equivalent to the level of some 1.6L displacement economy cars. The engine's emissions also meet Euro IV standards. In addition, Kaidi can also choose ESP (Electronic Stability System), which is only some high-end models.

The security configuration will be equipped.