Ferrari Company Introduction

- Dec 30, 2018-

Ferrari Company Introduction

Ferrari's modern GT is based on the company's tradition of manufacturing drivers-oriented cars with infinitely powerful kinetic energy, advanced aerodynamics and absolutely beautiful lines designed by Pininfarina. In addition, the models for the competition (such as the 360 Challenge) highlight Ferrari's unique racing tradition.

Ferrari provides warranty extensions for new car owners, which can exceed the warranty period offered by the manufacturer when buying a new car.

With a formal Ferrari power performance warranty, your car warranty can now be extended to 9 years. Authorized dealers will perform all related repairs or free replacement of related accessories at no cost in the authorized service center according to the guarantee provided by different levels of warranty.

The design, planning and manufacture of the Ferrari sports car was carried out in Maranello, Italy, to reflect the brand's outstanding performance in terms of performance, technology and craftsmanship. While every model has the ultimate in sports car design, each customer has a certain amount of space to add a final touch to their car due to the variety of personalization options offered by the Carrozzeria Scaglietti program. All options can be specified when placing an order, and our sales staff will be happy to discuss any other customization requirements you may have.

From the beginning, Ferrari's road cars came directly from their racing experience. This tradition is rarely comparable to other manufacturers.