Fire truck introduction

- Mar 23, 2019-

Fire truck introduction

Pump fire truck

Also known as "pump truck" or "pump truck", it refers to a fire truck equipped with a water pump. It is equipped with a fire pump and other fire-fighting equipment and passenger seats. After arriving at the scene, it can use the fire hydrant or water source to directly absorb water and extinguish the fire. It can also be used. Supply water to other fire-fighting equipment at the fire.

Water tank fire truck

Also known as the "water tank car", in addition to the fire pump and equipment, the car also has a large-capacity water storage tank and water gun, water cannon, etc., which can be fired independently without the help of external water sources. Directly save water from water sources or supply water to other fire trucks and fire-fighting equipment. It can also be used as a water supply and water transport vehicle in water-deficient areas. It is suitable for fighting general fires. It is a fire-fighting vehicle kept by the public security fire brigade and the professional fire brigade.

Foam fire truck

Mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, guns and other fire equipment, can fight fires independently. It is especially suitable for oil fires such as oil and its products. It can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire site. It is a necessary fire-fighting vehicle for petrochemical enterprises, oil terminals, airports and urban professional fire brigades.

High-speed foam fire truck

Equipped with high-volume foam generators and fire pump systems. It can quickly spray a large number of high-fold air bubbles of 400-1000 times of foaming, so that the surface of the burning object is isolated from the air, which can suffocate and cool, and can eliminate part of the smoke. It is suitable for saving the basement, warehouse, ship, etc. Closed fire in the building site, the effect is remarkable.

Carbon dioxide fire truck

The car is equipped with a high-pressure gas storage cylinder with carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent and its complete set of spraying devices, and some also have a fire pump. It is mainly used to save fires such as valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics and books and archives, and can also save general material fires.