​for the understanding of abrasive and polishing agent

- Feb 25, 2018-

abrasive polishing agent can be roughly divided into two kinds, one is oily abrasive, one is water-soluble abrasive.

oily abrasive: insoluble in water, low cost, large dosage, some oily abrasives have the effect of covering scratches, can not really remove scratches, wash the car after 2 scratches and bare leak.

water-soluble abrasive: soluble in water, high cost, dosage savings, technical and strong, the construction process allows you to see whether the real scratch removed, the real repair scratches and defects of the paint.

Note: Many businesses in the market are promoting their own use of water-based abrasives, in fact, there is no real water-based agents, we are talking about water-soluble grinding, due to the higher cost of water-soluble abrasive, highly technical, no Widely used, most businesses still use oil-based abrasive.