Ford F Series Overview

- Jan 29, 2019-

Ford F Series Overview

The Ford F-Series pickup truck is a household name in the United States. It has been the best-selling car in the United States for 20 consecutive years and has been the best-selling truck in the United States for nearly 25 years. Rough and full of tension, the prominent headlights, taillights, door handles, towing hooks and large chrome trim strips reinforce this feeling. The 22-inch wheels are already very eye-catching, and the rear tires are designed to feel more like a large tonnage heavy-duty pickup.


The Ford F-American pickup truck has always been known for its safety. The F450 inherits this advantage. Its sturdy body is the best safety barrier. In addition, it also uses airbags, ABS, EBD, traction control and so on. The series of main and passive safety features, many details, such as non-slip pedals, anti-undershoot seats and non-angular interior components reflect the designer's care for passenger safety.

Drive and control

Ford F-series A large pickup truck with a four-wheel drive is a matter of course, but the four-wheel drive is unique. Its hydraulically coupled central differential not only automatically distributes four-wheel torque, but also has a unique manual mode.

In special cases, the driver can manually assign the torque output to the four wheels. This function is really practical for field driving.