Google and Audi Volvo reached an agreement to launch a new car Android system next year

- Feb 22, 2019-

Google and Audi Volvo reached an agreement to launch a new car Android system next year

Google has reached an agreement with Volvo and Audi to launch a new car Android system in 2020. Compared with many information and entertainment systems based on the old Android based on the past, Google's new system is considered by the project leader to be a more powerful solution. According to the agreement, the three parties will launch a new Android in-vehicle system in 2020, which will bring a new interactive mode to users.

This time, Google's new Android Auto interactive experience upgrade, which means that the owner can order Google Voice Assistant to open the warm air, turn off the seat heating, and even book repair reservation service and so on.

The head of the Android car company said that for Android Auto, you need to use the "projection solution", that is, Android Auto runs on the user's mobile phone and connected to a compatible car, the user needs to handle the local system and your intelligence at the same time. Mobile phone. And Google's new platform "embedded" provides Android in the car, creating a hybrid system, including Spotify, HVAC control, backup camera, user's Google map or Waze. The new Android system also has access to the car's advanced driver assistance features, which connect ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) with Google Maps for user convenience.

As early as the I/O conference in 2014, Google launched Android Auto for Android apps and services used on the car platform, but also referred to the accessory functions on the phone. At the 2016 I/O conference, Google completely took over a Maserati Ghibli's central control platform system with the Android system, and has been able to control the radio, air conditioning and other systems.

Apple, as early as 2013, began to deploy in-vehicle systems. Relatively speaking, the CarPlay in-vehicle system has a higher degree of recognition. It mainly moves the familiar operations on the iPhone to the big screen of the car. You only need to connect the iPhone with the data cable, users can use the phone, music, map and other functions on the big screen of the car, and operate.

In addition, Google said it has partnered with more than 50 different car brands and has launched Android Auto anywhere. Relatively speaking, most of the in-vehicle systems in the Chinese market are customized by the manufacturers, and some are developed based on the Android system, but not the native Android Auto system. If the pure native Android Auto system, it is estimated that it is difficult to survive in the Chinese market.