Grit Guard New Product Launch - Washboard

- May 12, 2018-

Grit Guard New Product Launch - Washboard

A friend who is familiar with two buckets of water-washing vehicles must have such an action. After each piece of sheet metal is cleaned, the car-washing gloves are immersed in a bucket filled with sand and gravel and repeatedly rubbed on the Internet several times. Better to clean the gravel and attachments in the gloves.

The new product from Grit Guard, a manufacturer of sand filters, is Washboard, which we will call a washboard. This new product cannot be used alone, but it can work well with the existing Grit Guard sand filter, making it easier to remove gravel on the cleaning tool.

Now using this Washboard , you can install it directly on the existing sand and gravel nets, which will make it easier to clean your gloves during the car wash and increase the safety of your car wash.