Hazard tire crevices of the stones produced

- Feb 26, 2019-

Hazard tire crevices of the stones produced

1.Produce noise

The sound of the tires during normal driving is relatively small, because the rubber tread is softer, but it is not the same after embedding the stone.

The gravel in the pattern will roll on the ground as the tire rolls, just like being rubbed on the ground by the skull and the face, the kind of screaming is so maddening.

2. Obstruct the drainage

The tread pattern can act as a water guide when driving in rainy weather, ensuring that the tire can quickly pry the liquid on the tire as it passes through the water, ensuring that the tire grip does not decrease too much.

If too much gravel is embedded in the tread pattern, the drainage of the tire will be significantly reduced, causing the tire to slip.

3. Puncture hidden danger

Although the tread of the outer casing is relatively thick, the stone embedded in the pattern is difficult to puncture. However, if the night road is too much, it will hit the ghost. If the car is opened, it will inevitably be embedded in sharp and hard stones or even metal blocks. Walls are also possible.

On the other hand, when the car is driving at a high speed, high-speed friction causes the temperature of the tire to rise, the gas in the tire expands, and the sidewall is also thinned. If the pattern is embedded with sharp stones, it is easy to puncture at this time.

4. Sputtered car

The gravel embedded in the pattern must be subjected to double extrusion and friction between the sidewall and the ground, and the portion exposed outside the tread will soon be ground and smoothed.

In the process of smoothing, if the car is driving at a high speed, the gravel is easily sputtered out, and the impact is not small, hurting the car itself or the vehicle driving next to it.