How Long Does It Take With Kisho X-02 maintenance agent?

- Mar 28, 2018-

How long does it take with Kisho X-02 maintenance agent ?

After the crystal plating we generally recommend about 6 months to do a maintenance, according to the use of polished crystal after the use of frequency and storage environment to regular maintenance. Maintenance with iron powder to remove the agent on the layer of iron powder and dirt removed, and then rinse, dry body, in the construction of conservation agent. Remember not to use clay to remove the iron powder on the film, easy to damage the coating layer, weaken the film performance.

Also in the rainy season we recommend finishing glass coating, immediately construction curing agent, which can be more than 90% of the rain to prevent the product, because the weather is that we have no way to control the (crystal-plated vehicles in the absence of complete hardening on the basis of, Encountered in the rain did not timely car wash, after sun exposure, there will be rain marks the production)