How should clay be used to optimize?

- Dec 15, 2018-

How should clay be used to optimize?

Car wash is to wash away the sand and gravel visible on the surface of the car body. For those stubborn stains that cannot be washed by the car wash, it must be cleaned by deep cleaning of the paint surface.

Dealing with such dirt, the car's clean clay is undoubtedly the most effective solution, it can uproot these stubborn dirt.

It can not only be used to remove organic pollutants such as gums, stains and worms on the surface of the paint, but also can easily solve the adhesion of inorganic substances such as dust, tar, lacquer oxide and splash paint to restore the smooth surface of the paint.

The clay requires a special lubricating fluid before construction to prevent the clay from excessively rubbing against the paint surface.

Thoroughly clean the surface of the vehicle before construction to ensure that no debris is left on the paint surface.

The clay can be applied for about 10 grams each time, about the size of the thumb, and the rest of the clay should be kept safely. The clay is kneaded into a pancake shape, which is applied to the surface of the paint sprayed with the clay lubricant, and rubbed back and forth with fingers. (Note that you don't need too much downforce)