How should I maintain a maintenance-free battery?

- Dec 12, 2018-

How should I maintain a maintenance-free battery?

The life expectancy of maintenance-free batteries is on average about two years. Once it expires, it needs to be replaced in time. However, if you pay attention to routine maintenance and proper maintenance, the battery life can be extended by 1-2 years.

Maintenance requirements

★ Check if the battery is fixed on the car and whether there is a bump on the surface of the case;

★The battery cable is connected reliably and the vent hole is dusty;

★ Check the charging status and quality status through the electric eye on the battery. Green indicates qualified, black indicates power loss, and white indicates battery damage needs to be replaced.

Supplementary charging

★If the vehicle is not used for a long time or the charging system is faulty, when the battery load voltage is lower than 10V, the no-load voltage is lower than 12.4V and must be recharged;

★ Collection method of constant current and current limiting charging, multiple battery charging must be connected in series;

★ The first stage of charging, charging at 1/10 of the battery capacity, the charging current is 6A. Charging until the average battery voltage reaches 16A, then the second stage charging; charging the second stage, charging with the battery capacity x0.045, such as 6-QW-60 battery, the charging current is 60x0.045=2.7A. Charge until the average battery voltage reaches 16V and then continue charging for 3-5 hours;

★ When the electrolyte humidity exceeds 40 degrees during charging, stop charging, reduce current or physical temperature drop, and stop charging when the humidity reaches 45 degrees;

★The charging room guarantees good ventilation, no open flames and flammable materials;

★ Fully charged standard, electric eye is green.