How to avoid the accumulation of carbon?

- Jan 27, 2019-

The first point: There are a lot of people who are turning off the fire very fast. When they see the place, they stop immediately and turn off the fire. In fact, if the fire is quickly turned off, some of the burning gasoline will not burn out, so it will settle down. Slowly, carbon deposits are formed. It is best to wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute to extinguish the flames and let the gasoline burn out. Secondly, don't let the car be in a state of completion, that is, continue to run at low speed, such as a traffic jam. In the case of the car, the car can't be opened, this situation is the easiest to form carbon deposits, so there is a chance to pull the car to the high speed and run, the speed is fast, and the airway will be washed away. Carbon deposits will be less.

Second point: Inject good quality oil. As mentioned earlier, carbon deposition is a substance produced by insufficient combustion in fuel. Therefore, we must choose a regular gas station when refueling, the quality of the oil is relatively guaranteed, but it is worth noting that the high quality is not a high number, the number represents the octane number of the oil, which is related to the engine work. The cylinder knock problem.

The third point: regular cleaning of the throttle. The effect of controlling the amount of intake air is achieved by cleaning the throttle. Before cleaning the throttle, first turn off the ignition switch, remove the battery negative, remove the throttle line, remove the intake hose, and remove the screw that fixes the throttle. After removing the throttle, use the cleaning agent to repeatedly clean the throttle. If it is not easy to clean, wipe it with a cotton thread.