​How to choose a glass coating towel?

- Apr 02, 2018-

After the crystal-plated towel is used up, it should not be used in the second car, because the towel will be attached with crystal liquid to form a crystal and hardened in the towel layer, making the towel no longer soft and easy to scratch the paint.

How to choose a towel?

1. The towels are soft and do not hurt car paint

2. Never lose hair;

3. Super absorbent: The product's water absorption is 6 times that of a towel, and it is 2 times that of a buckskin.

4. Super clean power: This product has super strong electrostatic attraction capability. The dust in the smallest corners can also be cleaned out. It is especially suitable for wiping test interiors, dashboards, and seat cushions.

5. Super detergency: After using this product to wipe off the oily dirt, it can be removed by ordinary washing method, leaving no trace of oil on the surface.