How to choose car luggage rack

- Oct 18, 2018-

How to choose car luggage rack

1. The first consideration for the choice of car luggage rack is product safety: all brands that pay attention to product safety will strictly test and obtain relevant certification for the products they sell. The more authoritative product safety testing and certification standards are mainly German TUV certification. Certified products can be purchased with confidence by consumers all over the world, but the brands that pass the certification are mainly foreign brands;

2, pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the car luggage rack: the load capacity ultimately depends on the design load capacity of the roof, it is recommended not to overload;

3, pay attention to the compatibility of the car luggage rack: this depends mainly on the fixed way of the roof equipment;

4, pay attention to wind resistance wind noise: more and more riders pay attention to wind resistance wind noise during driving, wind resistance will increase fuel consumption, but also bring wind noise;

5. Contrast appearance and shape: the traditional roof frame is designed with two sides running through, and the cross bar will protrude from the roof to both sides. This type of car luggage rack needs to consider the overall coordination with the body, whether Beautiful; some brands have the original style of the car luggage rack, just like the customized car, can also be carried, both beautiful and practical;

6. Defining your own use: If the purpose of your car luggage rack is purely for work, and you want to carry as much space as possible, then the traditional two-sided through roof frame is more suitable for you. If you install the roof rack for occasional carrying and hope that the roof rack can stay on the roof for a long time, it is firm and beautiful, you can choose a new type of car luggage rack;

7, anti-theft and other user-friendly design: including the design, assembly and installation of the lock core and key is convenient, non-destructive installation, anti-theft performance?

8. Understand the key parameters when selecting: brand, price/performance ratio, material, fixing method, noise level during use, aesthetics, load weight, safety lock, adapt to the model, whether the height of the foot has an influence on the skylight, whether it is actual load or decoration Beautiful and so on.