How to choose the correct ultra-fiber cloth?

- May 13, 2018-

How to choose the correct ultra-fiber cloth?


As super fiber products benefit from its greatest characteristics, it is softer than other similar products. However, the ultra-fiber materials manufactured by different manufacturers will also have different hand feelings. We recommend the use of ultra-fibre materials made in Korea and Japan that are more flexible.

2.Edge seams 

The use of seamless-edge microfiber cloths can further reduce the risk of secondary scratches. Many manufacturers use tubular seams to hide the foot, which also reduces risk.


Ultra-fiber cloths made of high-quality ultra-fiber materials are much better in terms of durability. In contrast, poor-quality ultra-fiber cloths fall off after the cleaning several times, become hard, and have severely degraded performance. Thicker ultra-fibre cloth will last longer.