How to clean air conditioner?

- Jun 21, 2018-

How to clean air conditioner?

The first step: unplug the air conditioner power supply, shell cleaning

Use a soft cloth to warm the water and gently scrub the air conditioner panel.

Note: Do not use excessive force so as not to damage the shell coating and affect the appearance.

The second step: clean air conditioning filter

Open the air conditioner housing and remove the filter inside the air conditioner. Put the filter under the tap and rinse it. Note: Do not use a bristle brush, otherwise it will cause the filter mesh to become larger and affect the filtering effect.

Wipe dry with a soft cloth or dry in a cool, well-ventilated place. Note: Do not expose to sunlight or high-temperature baking in the sun, so as to avoid deformation and damage of the filter, affecting use.

The third step: use air-conditioning sterilization agent for complete sterilization

Car Li Shuang air-conditioning sterilization agent for comprehensive sterilization, professional detection 99.99% sterilization rate: bacteria + mold removal + net air, car home can be. Spray sterilization, through the air conditioning circulation system: no dead corner sterilization of the air conditioning inside, air conditioning pipelines, and the entire room. Convenient to use, just a touch, you can achieve the effect of sterilization.