How to clean the car wash tool?

- Jan 17, 2019-

How to clean the car wash tool?

Wax sponge

After the wax is finished, there will be a lot of residue on the sponge.

If you leave it alone, the sponge may have harder particles when waxing next time, and it is easy to scratch the paint.

The cleaning method is very simple. Spray some towel cleaner on the sponge, then wash it for a while, then rinse it off with water.

Polishing plate

There is a lot of abrasive residue on the polishing disc, which is difficult to clean.

Spray a proper amount of towel cleaner, squeeze the polishing disc continuously, squeeze the abrasive accumulated in it and the dust generated during polishing, and squeeze it better after soaking in water.

When we clean, be careful not to wring the polishing disc.

The fiber of the polishing disc is relatively fragile. It is easy to tear the disc by twisting. The correct way is to fold the disc in half and squeeze out excess water.

Fiber towel

In fact, the fiber towel is just like our clothes, and the cleaning is very simple.

First, wet the towel first, spray a towel cleaner on the dirty place, and wash it directly with your hand.

It should be noted that the towel can not be dried after washing, and the natural drying is the best.

If you are washing the towel with a washing machine, spray a towel cleaner in a dirty place and throw it into the washing machine.