How to clean the engine?

- Feb 07, 2019-

How to clean the engine?

The steps to clean the engine are as follows:

1. Waterproof preparation Open the engine cover, cover the generator, distributor, brake oil pot, etc. with a cloth, and seal the spray engine cleaning agent to various parts with plastic tape, and spray more points in particularly dirty places.

2. When the engine cleaning agent begins to dissolve, turn on the high pressure water gun and spray the engine extremely dirty.

3. Spray the vents under the front windshield with a high pressure water jet.

4. Spray the front windshield and the leaves, sludge and dust in the engine insulation space.

5. Use a high-pressure water gun to flush the leaves, corpses, dust, etc. on the water tank, heat sink and air-conditioning condenser heat sink.

6. Rinse the left and right wheel fenders and the inner side of the engine with a high-pressure water gun, and take out the leaves and dirt.

7. Flush the dirt and dust inside the engine side support bar with a high-pressure water gun.

Blow dry detection process:

1. Use a blow gun to blow off the sand in the spark plug hole and blow dry.

2. Blow dry water from the terminals of the battery and blow dry all parts of the engine.


1. Be sure to cover and seal, especially generators and distributors.

2. Rinse as much as possible after the engine has cooled down. Note that the pressure of the water gun is not too great.

3. When spraying the polish, be sure to wait until the parts are completely dry.

4. Before starting the car, be sure to check if there is water and the line connector is secure.