How to clean the wheel?

- Sep 19, 2018-

How to clean the wheel?

Due to the weather, all kinds of muddy sewage overflows. When your car comes out one day, it will be completely unrecognizable. Wheel cleaning is usually the first step of Detailing.

Because the wheel runs at high speed for a long time, it works at high temperature and accumulates a lot of dirt, such as brake dust, tar, grease and so on. How to clean the dirt without damaging the surface of our wheels will be a challenge for every Detailer.

We recommend that you first select the appropriate size of the wheel brush from the AutoFinesse wool brush three-piece combination, and then use Im neutral wheel cleaner, neutral iron powder remover to completely restore your wheel.

Im Neutral Wheel Cleaner is a powerful wheel cleaner that is enriched with active ingredients and degreaser to restore your wheels directly to the shine between scrubs. Do not contain any acidic substances, please feel free to use it on the surface of any metal hub.