How To Handle And Prevent Water Marks After The Car Paint?

- Mar 01, 2018-

How to handle and prevent water marks after the car paint?

Water marks attached to the reasons, rain, tap water through the sun heat in the paint surface after the rapid evaporation of the mark left. The company's crystal product development at the same time taking into account the water mark as much as possible to avoid, but did not do 100% to avoid. Japan's all crystal manufacturers for the water mark problem as the first research and development topics in the study, but 100% can avoid the emergence of water mark crystal products do not exist is indeed the truth. So should avoid hot weather for outdoor car wash, car wash should pay attention to dry body, try to wash the car as soon as possible after the rain.


In recent years, to avoid the phenomenon of water marks after glass coating, the general use of glass fiber products or fluorine products for crystal film curing layer. Pure fluoride products are very good water retention and durability, but their high prices and product storage problems and other issues are not used. Here to explain, the market also has some fluorine-based conservation products why the price is very cheap, this is the fluorine resin, not the above-mentioned pure fluorine, fluorine resin has a good water, but after one or two car wash Will be out of, very low persistence.

To prevent the best way to prevent water marks in the 3 months to six months to do a plating between the maintenance, maintenance agents are generally targeted, each brand of products are produced to deal with their own products can play a protective role. Plating crystal maintenance agent is a very simple process, easy to use, personal owners may wish to try their own.

Example of a construction method

1, gently shake before use, the X-03 protective agent sprayed on the paint, half of the hood about spray 4 to 5;

2, with a dry towel gently alternating horizontal and horizontal wipe, and then wipe the brightness with another piece of dry towel can be;

Note: Do not use too much, excessive use of excessive production of uneven situation.