How to humidify in the car in the fall?

- Oct 09, 2018-

How to humidify in the car in the fall?

Car humidifier

USB or cigarette lighter is connected to electricity, this is the most direct and most effective.

Splashing water on the mat

Many models are rubber waterproof wire ring pads, so you can pour the bottled water on the passenger's foot pad at any time, or sit on the back pad. Don't go too much at a time, half a bottle. The evaporation of water will maintain a certain humidity inside the car.

wet towel

Prepare a towel, you can get wet at any time, then pounce under the windshield in front of the co-pilot. Let it dry naturally. The process of drying is to humidify the interior of the car. If you do, you can pour water on it again. Continue to repeat the humidification.