How to judge the quality of a towel?

- Dec 16, 2018-

How to judge the quality of a towel?

Towels are a very common tool in the beauty of steam, don't underestimate the importance of it, because it is a direct contact with the paint surface, so the choice of towels needs special attention.

A variety of materials and styles, how to choose a good steam beauty towel is no less difficult than choosing a can of good wax.

Microfiber towels are currently the absolute mainstream on the market. The microfiber is mainly an ultrafine microfiber produced by the organic compounding of polyester and nylon. It is a raw material with remarkable water absorption, good gas permeability, mildew resistance (antibacterial and antibacterial after special treatment). Microfiber car wash towels are extremely soft to the touch, and because of the material structure, the surface structure can be cleaned more carefully, and it is easy to clean and dry, so it is welcomed by the market.

There are countless types of microfiber towels on the market. What kind of towel is a good towel? How can we judge the quality of a towel?

First of all, usually pay attention to the work towel, the quality will not be too bad, the touch will be better. But it is not to say that thick soft towels are good, this varies according to the needs of use.

Some towels feel very smooth and soft to the touch, but they are very tiring to use, especially after folding, they are more easily deformed and dislodged, and the water absorption performance may be very poor.

Then the towel can be washed first like a garment to check if it fades. The general color drop of the towel is normal, but it can only prove that it is not good after several times.

After drying, you can see if there is any change in the feel. Just like clothes, you can't see anything when you get it. After washing, there may be problems such as shrinkage and deformation.

Then see if the towel will shed. Take a look at it, of course, you should not let out the strength of the milk to pull, the quality of the best towels can not stand this way.

If you don't feel lint after pulling, you can try to clean the car directly, and if there is any hair loss during the rubbing process.

Different types of microfiber towels are suitable for different parts, so it is our pursuit to maximize the performance of the towel, so it is necessary to know which type of towel is suitable for which parts.