How to maintain the car battery?

- Jun 20, 2018-

How to maintain the car battery?

In the summer, the maintenance of car batteries must be done in the following ways:

1. When the battery pile head has dust, oil, white powder, wipe it clean with a rag, especially white powder, because it is a corrosive material that can easily damage the battery. Apply some butter to the battery to reduce corrosion

2. Don't charge the battery after it runs out. Some car owners have used air conditioners, headlights, and car stereos for an extended period of time to cause excessive battery discharge, and then recharge the batteries, which will affect the service life of the batteries in the long run.

3, check the battery level is normal. If the water level is lower than the subscript line in the battery, add distilled water in time. It is important to remember that you cannot add tap water because chemical substances in the tap water can damage the battery.

4. Check if the generator can be charged normally. Can use three meters to test, more than 13V is normal.

The battery plays a very important role in vehicle startup. Therefore, it usually takes time to intensify the inspection and maintenance of the battery in order to avoid the situation in which it is difficult for the vehicle to start or turn off.