How to prevent car spontaneous combustion in summer?

- Mar 23, 2019-

How to prevent car spontaneous combustion in summer?

Auto-ignition will not only damage the car, but also endanger the safety of yourself and others. Summer is also a period of high-speed spontaneous combustion. It is very important to do car maintenance and inspection in this season. The car will remind the owner. Avoid economic losses After the summer rain, especially check the circuit circuit of the car to eliminate the safety hazard of auto spontaneous combustion.

1. Check your car in summer to prevent component aging

Many people think that summer heat is the cause of spontaneous combustion of cars. In fact, the aging of internal parts of vehicles is also an important cause of spontaneous combustion of automobiles. There are more rains in summer, and rainwater corrodes the lines inside the car. It is prone to short circuit or even fire in the car. . Engine sludge buildup, difficulty in heat dissipation, can lead to high-temperature spontaneous combustion of sludge. Therefore, the owner should be diligent in the daily inspection and maintenance of the vehicle.

Engine fuel filter failure, line failure, aging of the power line, or long-distance overload loading of the vehicle causes the engine components to keep running and the temperature rises, which may cause the car to ignite spontaneously.

2, no dangerous goods in the car

If the lighter, perfume, air freshener, etc. in daily life are placed in the car, the vehicle may explode after exposure to the sun. This situation basically occurs when the owner is not in the car, so the consequences of the fire are more serious. It will directly cause property damage. Therefore, check the inside of the car before locking the car, do not leave these dangerous items. In addition, ordinary vehicles should try not to fill up and load dangerous oil such as spare gasoline and diesel.

3, fire extinguisher must

Fire extinguishers are a must-have device. However, many owners do not understand the correct use of fire extinguishers, or never check whether the fire extinguisher works properly, so that in the event of an emergency, it is impossible to carry out self-help.

Therefore, the car will teach the correct use of the car's car fire extinguisher: If the vehicle is equipped with a dry powder fire extinguisher, it is best to go to the local fire equipment store to check once a year, mainly to check whether the dry powder powder is agglomerated, and whether the pressure of the built-in nitrogen bottle that provides the jet power is Falling and so on.

4. Don't be nervous after the danger

If the vehicle really ignites spontaneously, don't be nervous. Most of the spontaneous combustion will have precursors before it happens: such as local smoke, burnt smell and so on. If the owner of the vehicle finds that the vehicle is abnormal, do not force it to continue driving. Stop the vehicle quickly. If the fire develops rapidly, do not rush to rescue the property inside the car to avoid burns and burns.

Many vehicles spontaneously can be extinguished at an early stage, but often cause unnecessary losses due to the nervousness of the owner. After the fire occurs, it is necessary to give an alarm as soon as possible under the premise of ensuring its own safety, and should use the car fire extinguisher or other fire extinguishing equipment as much as possible to make initial rescue, and avoid panic.