How to properly clean the engine compartment?

- Dec 14, 2018-

How to properly clean the engine compartment?

In recent years, automotive beauty has gradually occupied a part of the market.

Many car owners are very concerned about the cleaning and maintenance of vehicles, and even buy their own equipment to clean. Is it enough to simply clean and maintain the exterior of the vehicle? Some places that are invisible everyday need to be cleaned regularly. Today we will share the cleaning of the engine compartment.

The most important thing to clean the engine compartment is safety.

Because the engine compartment is the core part of the whole car, in addition to many high-temperature working parts, as well as the core driving computer battery circuit, etc., so as far as possible to ensure that it is clean and clean.

We can simply divide the cleaning engine compartment into three parts, the edge of the cover, the soundproof cotton, and the engine compartment.

1.Cover edge

First, you need to blow off the dust with a brush or a vacuum cleaner before cleaning. If you spray APC directly on the edge of the cover, it will only make the dust dissolve more stubbornly.

After passing the dust again, prepare two clean towels.

Spray APC on one of the towels and wipe the edge of the cover directly. Then wipe it again with another clean towel to remove excess medicine and foam. If the towel becomes dirty, it needs to be replaced or cleaned in time.

2. Sound insulation cotton

Sound insulation cotton is a fluff-like material with a very strong water absorption capacity. If you use PA directly or spray APC, it will absorb the full water and chemicals. It will easily aging the engine and produce mildew in the engine compartment for a long time.

Therefore, we need a less foam, suitable for woven, velvet interior chemicals.

First spray the cleaner on the soundproof cotton, wipe it with a dry fiber cloth, and clean the dirty towel in time.

After the wiping, the sound insulation cotton is only slightly moist, we can simply dry it.

3. Engine compartment

The engine compartment has been cleaned up by the initial dust.

Next, you can use APC with a brush to scrub other parts of the cabin that need to be brushed.

Brush all the parts that can be brushed, then wipe the area just brushed with a clean damp cloth and take away the foam and the dirty things that are brushed out. If the towel is dirty, continue to rub on the opposite side. Try not to use too much water to wash the cabin, so as not to cause some bad results.