How to rebuild tires

- Dec 19, 2018-

How to rebuild tires

1. Old tires are polished and treated (Ausarbeiten von Reparaturstellen)

This step requires a thorough grinding of the old tires, which makes the surface of the green tire smooth and rough, providing a flat veneer for the subsequent adhesive rubber and a larger adhesion area (caused for roughness).

2. Preliminary treatment using annular extrusion technology (Bindegummie extrudieren)

Applying a smooth and smooth rubber skin to the previously polished embryo, in order to make the embryo more uniform, and to completely solve the problem of unevenness of the embryo, and not to create the best tire after the tread layer Face state.

3. Laser engraved tread layer and tire bite (lasergesteuertes Belegen des Ringlaufstreifens)

The same applies to the ring machine, which uses the laser-engraved tread layer to “sleeve” onto the embryo. Just as the girl uses the rubber band to tie the hair, first use the machine to open the tread layer and put on the embryo to make it adhere. After the follow-up work such as squeezing, the "renovation tire" is done.