How to test KISHO Glass Coating product hardness?

- Feb 28, 2018-

In the industry we will see the business demo plating hardness test method, some businesses will use a lighter hit the lacquered finish, through the presence of scratches to prove the hardness of the product, and some businesses will use test equipment Measure the hardness after vehicle plating, in fact, these are Some business means of operation only. Construction of the coating on the coating of the crystal film is very thin, probably only less than 1 micron thickness, than we often use the plastic wrap is thinner, so thin film, the hardness expressed in fact there is no practical significance . Many businesses will use the tester to prove that the hardness can not be accurately measured separately plated crystal, and the real measure is the hardness of the material along with the bottom of the film, so painted on different lacquer, the hardness shown is different, such as Made in the German car and Japanese car on the hardness must be different. Therefore, we must know that while plating can increase the hardness of some paint, but it is not a wall, you can prevent the usual car wash improper or highway gravel impact generated by minor scratches, if the hardware to malicious vandalism, there is no way to avoid Scratched. Thicker glass is harder, but scratches can result if it is vandalized, not to mention such a thin film. In addition excellent plating, in the ultraviolet light will appear naked eye can not see the cracks, the film appears more likely to split the molecular splitting, a direct impact on the durability of the plating.

Japan KISHO Glass Coating R & D success of each product will get the Japan Coatings Association for professional testing, and then into the market, the test process is to invade the test board in the product until the natural crystal hardened, the hardness test, each product The hardness can reach more than 6H.