How to understand ceramic coating stack?

- Dec 29, 2018-

How to understand ceramic coating stack?

The first point of ceramic coating stacking is difficult. How do you ensure that each layer is evenly applied.The plating is purely manual. If it is not uniform, rainbow spots will come.

If the second coating is too thick, it will cause its toughness to deteriorate, which will make the paint more brittle, and thinner may be a good thing.

Regardless of wax, seal or plated, their principle of action is to form a protective barrier against the paint surface.

It's just that the barrier is tightly combined with the paint and their stability is different.

Plated crystals are better than waxes and seals because they are more tightly bonded to the paint, but don't overstate them.

Although plating can improve the paint surface effect, and after plating, it is not that your car is not afraid of any damage, and it still needs to be maintained after plating.

No matter how powerful the maintenance products are, it only helps us to delay the use of the paint, and daily maintenance is also necessary.

Don't think about doing a maintenance of your car to keep the state of the new car, which is impossible.