How to use clay?

- May 23, 2018-

How to use clay?

Before you work on clay, be sure to wash your car.

About 30 g of a piece was taken out from the clay block, rolled into a circle, and flattened.

A clay lubricating fluid was sprayed on the surface of the work, and the palms were used with appropriate down pressure to carry out the well-shaped interlaced construction.

Please be careful not to use excessive pressure.

Keep working until you feel no resistance when the clay slides.

During the operation, please inspect the clay work surface frequently. If there are too many attachments, press inwards from the clay and then knead it round again to flatten it. A clean work surface can be obtained.

After the operation is completed, clean the working surface with clean water in time to avoid the drying of the clay lubricating fluid on the paint surface.