How to use engine cleaner?

- Jan 18, 2019-

How to use engine cleaner´╝č

The use of the engine cleaner is very simple, and the inside of the engine can be cleaned and cured without disassembling the engine. Engine cleaning is generally performed when the oil is changed. The method of use is as follows:

Pour a bottle of this product into the sump, and after idling for 5-10 minutes (if the engine has not been cleaned for a long time, extend the cleaning time appropriately), drain the old oil added to the cleaning agent in the engine, replace the oil filter, and add new The oil can be used, one bottle for the 4-cylinder car and two bottles for the 6-cylinder car.

Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to wash once for 1.5-2 million kilometers. For engines that use semi-synthetic engine oil and mineral oil for a long time, the cleaning cycle should be shortened appropriately. If you use fully synthetic motor oil for a long time, you can extend it. After cleaning to 2 to 25,000 km, the fully synthetic motor oil itself has a strong cleaning ability, so the number of kilometers can be extended.

Maintenance area: lubrication system

Maintenance time: start maintenance after the new car has traveled 20,000 kilometers;

Maintenance interval: once every 10,000 kilometers;

Maintenance vehicles: all kinds of gasoline engine can be used;

Necessity of maintenance: Give full play to the lubricating performance of lubricating oil, reduce the secondary pollution of new lubricating oil, and prolong the service life of the engine.


1. Do not take it orally, accidentally take it, please seek medical attention immediately;

2. This product is inadvertently in contact with eyes or skin. Please rinse immediately with clean water; then seek medical attention.

3, please leave the high temperature, fire source, please store in a cool and dark place.