Hybrid car advantages and Disadvantages

- Nov 16, 2018-

Hybrid car advantages

1. After the hybrid power is used, the maximum power of the internal combustion engine can be determined according to the average power required, and the engine is relatively small (downsize). At this time, it is working under the optimal working conditions of low fuel consumption and less pollution. Since the internal combustion engine can work continuously, the battery can be continuously charged, so the trip is the same as that of a normal car.

2. Because of the battery, it is very convenient to recover the kinetic energy when going downhill.

3. In the prosperous urban area, the internal combustion engine can be shut down and driven by the battery to achieve “zero” emissions.

4. With the internal combustion engine, it is very convenient to solve the problems encountered by pure electric vehicles such as air conditioners, heating and defrosting.

5, you can use the existing gas station to refuel, no need to invest.

6, can keep the battery in a good working condition, no overcharge, over discharge, extend its service life and reduce costs.

7. The whole vehicle can work at the same time due to multiple power sources, and the vehicle has excellent power.

Disadvantages: The system structure is relatively complicated; the long-distance high-speed driving is not obvious.