Infiniti brand introduction

- Mar 12, 2019-

Infiniti brand introduction

At the same time as the success of the North American market, Nissan Motor Co. introduced a three-year Nissan Value-added Program in 2005, which promotes the global promotion of Infiniti as one of the important strategic initiatives, and will be in the Middle East, South Korea, Russia, China and Ukraine have set a key target market for global expansion. In July 2005, South Korea's first Infiniti dealership was officially opened; in April 2006, Infiniti announced its timetable for entering Europe; in August 2006, Infiniti products were unveiled at the Moscow Motor Show. Become a wonderful start to enter the Russian market.

Brand Culture

The elliptical logo of Infiniti represents an infinitely extended path. The elliptical curve represents the meaning of infinite expansion and also symbolizes the "world"; the two lines represent the road to the peak, symbolizing endless development. The Infiniti logo and name symbolize a never-ending pursuit of the Infiniti, creating a truly competitive luxury car experience and highest customer satisfaction.

Infiniti is also known as "infinity."