Infiniti development history

- Mar 16, 2019-

Infiniti development history

In August 2006, the Infiniti brand was unveiled at the Moscow International Auto Show and officially entered Russia. At the same time, it is announced that the new European headquarters will be located in the city of Lori, Switzerland.

 In April 2006, Mr. Ghosn announced the timetable for Infiniti to enter Europe.

In January 2006, the Infiniti concept sports car was unveiled at the Detroit North American International Auto Show.

In July 2005, the first Infiniti dealership opened in South Korea.

In April 2005, the three-year value-added program will be launched to promote the Infiniti brand globally.

In January 2005, Infiniti's cumulative sales in the United States exceeded 1 million units.

In December 2004, the Infiniti (Infiniti) listing on the GCC market was launched.

In May 2004, Infiniti announced its plans to list in South Korea.

In November 2003, Infiniti's annual sales exceeded 100,000 for the first time.

In July 2003, Infiniti ranked No. 3 in the Customer Satisfaction Chart for the third time according to the Customer Service Indicators (CSI) survey conducted by JD Power and Associates in 2003.

In December 1999, Infiniti sold more than 500,000 units.

In July 1996, J.D. Powerand Associates announced that Infiniti ranked first in the “Customer Satisfaction” survey.

In May 1995, J.D. Power and Associates announced that Infiniti was ranked in the “Best Cars in the Initial Quality Survey” ranking.

In November 1994, Infiniti celebrated its fifth birthday and sold more than 200,000 units in the first five years of its launch.

In November 1993, Infiniti was awarded the “Best Overall Car” title in the J.D. Power and Associates Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) survey.

In July 1992, J.D. Power and Associates announced that Infiniti ranked first in the “Initial Quality Survey”.

In July 1991, J.D. Power and Associates announced that Infiniti was ranked among the top in the “Customer Satisfaction” survey.

On November 8, 1989, Infiniti opened its first 51 dealerships in North America and sold two models.

In July 1987, "Infiniti" was chosen as the name of the new department.

In November 1985, Nissan Motor established the "Horizons Working Group" to study the opportunities in the luxury car market in North America.