Invisible coat resolution

- Feb 08, 2018-

Car clothes is also called car body film, divided into two kinds of invisible car clothes and color film, the main role is to decorate the body and protect the car paint.

Car body color film

color is rich, how many colors of the film, the overall coverage of the paste way to change the whole car or partial appearance, in order to achieve the role of decoration and protection, can be removed replacement. The current body color film product categories are automotive plating film, pearl film, light film, matt film, painted film, skin film, drawing film, transparent film.

Invisibility car clothes 

Invisibility car clothes is a transparent, high-performance new environmentally friendly film, is widely used in automotive beauty maintenance industry, stealth car is a jargon, in fact, people often say that car paint film, you can for a long time to protect the car paint Headlights are not harmed by the harsh environment.

No matter what the product has two sides, the car is no exception, although after the paste for a small scraping is helpful, but in the event of a larger accident, the vehicle's film should be torn down, and may tear the paint There is damage (the original paint will not be hurt), other complicated construction, may affect the construction of the parts need to be disassembled in advance. Expensive, the whole film imported membrane construction needs about 5,000 yuan, as many as tens of thousands, generally are protected for 3 years, the Value for money is not high.


he body can be replaced a variety of colors, long-term protection of the paint, can be replaced at any time.


cumbersome construction, expensive, long clothing will appear fade phenomenon, can not play the original paint effect.

Other names on the market: invisible clothing, body transparent protective film, the whole car rhinoceros, paint protective film.