Is it consistent quality or continuous innovation that attracts customers?

- Mar 22, 2018-

Is it consistent quality or continuous innovation that attracts customers?With the development of economy and continuous progress in science and technology, as a manufacturer of glass coating, it is first and foremost to provide customers with existing large-volume products, and then it is necessary to continue product development and bring the best products to customers. They provide the best experience. KISHO researchers have never stopped their pace. They have been working hard to innovate, create simple, and continue to experiment.


The nano coating product can be completely hardened and crystallized after being applied on the paint surface, and it is firmly combined with the paint surface, like the varnish adhered to the paint surface, can resist the damage of the original paint surface caused by the external environment, and the paint surface and the air. Completely isolated, the next scratch treatment in time, polished away by the part, is only a crystal coating, will not have any effect on the thickness of the original paint, but not after plating, need to use supporting special products Perform maintenance to restore the luster of the plated coating.