Japan Mazda honors show

- Mar 02, 2019-

Japan Mazda honors show

"Enterprise average fuel consumption value" comprehensive first

Shanghai, October 10, 2014 - Mazda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Mazda) announced that in the 2013 National Fuel Economy (Environmental Protection Agency) (hereinafter referred to as EPA) released on October 8th, the 2013 model fuel consumption trend report, Mazda It has achieved the first overall performance of the company's average fuel consumption value, and has won this award for two consecutive years.

The EPA's fuel consumption trend report compiled the fuel consumption performance of the models launched in the US during the year, and released the total results of the average fuel consumption of each company. The combined average fuel consumption of the Mazda 2013 model is 28.1 mpg (miles per gallon), a decrease of 1.0 mpg compared to 2012.

Mazda has developed a new generation of “Chuangchi” that includes a comprehensive innovation in the engine, gearbox, body and chassis, with a goal of providing consumers with “driving fun” and “excellent environmental protection and safety performance”. SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY is widely used in many models. It is the perseverance of challenges and efforts that enabled Mazda to achieve the first overall performance of the national automobile companies in terms of average fuel consumption for two consecutive years.

Japan's annual model award

Shanghai, October 14, 2014 - The Japan Annual Model Selection Committee announced the final selection of the "2014-2015 Japan Model of the Year Award". The new "Mazda Demio" (Chinese market name: Mazda2) won the "2014-15 Japan Model of the Year" Grand prize."

The new "Mazda Demio" is the fourth after "Mazda CX-5", "Mazda ATENZA" (Chinese market name: Mazda6 Atenza), "Mazda AXELA" (Chinese market name: Mazda3 Axela) The model is fully equipped with the new generation of Mazda's “SKYACTIV” and “Soul” design themes.

With the concept of “a new generation of compact cars with the concept of breaking the level”, the ideal driving position and pedal configuration, safety-priority Mazda Human Machine Interface (HMI), high-quality exquisite appearance and interior are adopted. The new development of small-displacement Chuangchi blue sky clean diesel engine "SKYACTIV-D 1.5", which achieves maximum torque and high-efficiency fuel performance along with the 2.5L petrol engine, has achieved comprehensive innovation in quality and technology in various fields. The new Mazda technology and design, which has been adhering to the first model of the blue sky and soul movement “Mazda CX-5”, has been condensed and applied to this compact car.

Japan's 11th Environmental Product Award

Shanghai, November 26, 2014 - Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. (below)

Chuangchi blue sky diesel engine "SKYACTIV-D 1.5"

Chuangchi blue sky diesel engine "SKYACTIV-D 1.5"

"Mazda" announced that its small-displacement clean-type Chuangchi blue sky diesel engine "SKYACTIV-D 1.5" won the "Environmental Products" award in the 11th environmental product selection event sponsored by the Japan Environmental Product Awards Promotion Association - - "Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Award". Mazda has won this award for the second time since Mazda’s independently developed intelligent idle stop system “i-stop” won the grand prize in the 6th election.

Japan's "Environmental Product Awards" was established in 2004. Its purpose is to recognize the outstanding products and services that effectively reduce the environmental load, and to support the provision of environmentally-friendly technologies and products while widely disseminating relevant information to the demand side. Further promote the development and popularization of green environmental protection products in Japan.

Reasons for winning: Mazda is equipped with a small displacement (1.5L) clean diesel engine on a small Japanese car for the first time, achieving fuel economy comparable to that of a hybrid car. At the same time, cleaner exhaust emissions can be achieved with improved combustion technology without the need for expensive NOx aftertreatment systems. On this basis, combined with advanced intelligent idle stop system, braking energy recovery system and Chuangchi blue sky efficient gearbox technology, while significantly reducing fuel consumption, it also provides consumers with an approachable terminal price for the expansion of clean diesel models. The market has made positive contributions.

The Mazda Chuangchi Blue Sky Clean Diesel Engine has been built with the concept of surpassing the traditional limitations. The compression ratio has reached the lowest value of the global diesel engine.14 With its outstanding performance beyond its peers, it has won several awards so far.

Minister of the Global Warming and Environmental Protection Awards

Shanghai, December 2, 2014 - Mazda Motor Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Mazda") announced that Mazda's "Chuangchi Blue Sky" technology was awarded the 2014 National Defense Award for the Prevention of Global Warming and Environment (Technology Development and Productization) Class awards). This award is the second time Mazda has won the award since winning the 2004 (three wet coating high solid coating technology) award.

The Minister for the Prevention of Global Warming and Environment Awards is an important part of the Japanese government's measures to prevent global warming. During the December period, we select groups and individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the goal of preventing global warming. The award was founded in 1998 by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment and continues to this day.