​Kisho Deluxe Glass Coating Kit with Polisher

- May 10, 2018-

China has an old saying:Good horse with good saddle,Kisho Deluxe Glass Coating Kit with Polisher,Make a perfect effect,Let me introduce to you what kind of polishing machine as follow

Electric polishing machine

According to the appearance of the machine can be divided into: vertical polishing machine and horizontal polishing machine two.Common brands are Bigfoot and FLEX.


According to the rotation can be divided into

The first type: linear single-sided rapid rotation method, often referred to as variable-speed polishing machine, (common brand Japanese Makita MAKITA)

The second kind: The gear rotates the way to run (common brand Japan COMPACT)

The third kind: The vibration rotation method is also called the vibration polishing machine, which can also be used for polishing and sealing (commonly known as RYOBL in Japan).

Pneumatic polishing machine

low speed, grinding and polishing operations on the paint surface damage is relatively small. Need to match the air compressor, the price of high electric polishing agent.