KISHO Glass Coating Benefits

- Jun 01, 2018-

1 Super antifouling properties and hydrophobicity make it easy to adhere to dust and can easily wash your car, making your daily maintenance more convenient.

2 The precise and smooth film layer has superior adhesion and gives the paint a long-term perfect protection.

3 excellent permeability, so that the perfect gloss paint finishes.

4 It is provided with a flexible crystalline film layer, which effectively relieves the gravel's damage to the paint surface during rapid driving.

5 Multi-effect protection, maintenance and value-added: The film itself will not oxidize and prevent external corrosion of acid rain, dust, corpse, bird droppings and urban dirt, etc. At the same time, the anti-ultraviolet function will effectively prevent the car paint from fading, so that As bright as the new paint, it also plays a role in maintaining the value.