​KISHO glass coating construction failure remedies are as follows

- May 03, 2018-

KISHO glass coating construction failure remedies are as follows

※ In the case of plated crystal construction, if the leak point immediately discovered or the waiting time after painting is too long to be easily rubbed off, try the wet towel to wipe the failure point again and then dry it with a dry towel. Or you can use the same plate plating agent to reapply this block from scratch, then wipe it again with a damp towel, and then use a dry towel to brighten the way to remove the failure point.

※ In the case of plated crystal construction, the leak point found during the inspection of the entire vehicle can be tested by applying a degreasing agent at the leaking point. If the degreasing agent cannot be removed, a fine abrasive can be easily removed with a fine sponge disk. Note that when removing the missed rubbing point, the whole plate of the failing point should be remedied, and other layouts should be protected to avoid other layouts.

※ The failure points found after the crystallizing process is completely hardened can be removed by polishing from fine to coarse one by one. The layout of the failure point must be completely polished, and then degreasing and replating should be performed.