KISHO Glass Coating exhibit

- Mar 09, 2018-


After car glass coating on car,it will have 3D quality and penetrating as a mirror. no matter what model of car, after coating it will look like a car like wearing a crystal outlet clothing,honorable and gorgeous but still look purify,KISHO Glass Coating is your first choice for sure.


Long lasting

KISHO Glass Coating  give your car a very flat and smooth layer that have a very strong adhere, the layer won't oxidize and also prevent dust and harm on the car. At the same time, it also resist from ultraviolet ray and fade of the paint on car. Coating can also prevent slash on car, even if Polish won't directly hurt the glass coating on car. If you always do maintenance for car, the effect of the coating will be more last longer.


The coating layer in the car form a very strong dirty free and waterproof effect, so the dirt and dust that paste on the surface of car will be clean off very easily by washing the car. It give you a very easy and convenience way to maintenance your car.