KISHO Glass Coating helps you analyze the pros and cons of curing products

- May 04, 2018-

KISHO Glass Coating helps you analyze the pros and cons of curing products.

1.Professional shop construction new car paint invisible car clothing

Advantages: Once and for all, protect the original paint! (Warranty 7-12 years without yellowing)

Disadvantages: high price, about 1-3W RMB

2. Paint finish high-end care

Crystal plating, coating, sealing glaze

The advantages of plated crystal: increase the hardness of paint, resist fine scratches, and have more durable weather resistance. It can be done once a year when properly maintained. Super anti-oil and splash effect.

Plating defects: need regular care

Advantages of coating: The hardness and lightness of the restored paint surface, long-lasting weather resistance, and proper maintenance every six months

Coating defects: no resistance to scratches

(Coating comparison chart)

Advantages of sealing glaze: make the new car brighter and the old car brighter. Well done every 3 months

Sealing glitch: poor weather resistance

3. Waxing regularly every month

Advantages: The cost of the package year care is low, starting from the new car every month to achieve the effect of paint coating. Simple and effective; old cars can do high-end restore the care of the paint first, and then continue to maintain.

Disadvantages: frequent operation