KISHO Glass Coating manufacturers tell you why you want to protect the original paint?

- Mar 22, 2018-

Many car owners’ friends think that the new car just bought does not require beauty protection because the paint finish is perfect. Wait until the aging of the paint surface is damaged to think about doing beauty, or simply go directly to paint. However, the owner of the car, after the paint can really achieve the original paint beauty and performance?

The original car paint is made of computer precision paint in a completely closed and dust-free workshop without any interior parts, and is manufactured by high temperature baking at 100-300 degrees Celsius using a robotic sprayer.

It is precisely because the original paint is manufactured under such severe and harsh conditions, so the original paint has the best performance on the aesthetic effect, protection performance, value preservation and owner value of the vehicle body.

        Although there are also many 4S shops or repair shops that can achieve no color difference, the post-painting is far beyond the effect and performance of the original paint.

So ,KISHO Si-901 top ceramics glass coating for new cars is important.Parts of the car can be replaced, but the original car paint can not be changed.