KISHO Glass Coating Receives Japanese Paint Association to Promote Weatherability Test

- Jun 25, 2018-

KISHO Glass Coating Receives Japanese Paint Association to Promote Weatherability Test

Accelerated weathering tester utilizes solar carbon arc lamps (irradiation amplitude AC voltage 50V, AC current 60A) to simulate products under the combined conditions of temperature and humidity in the general climate environment, to detect whether the product itself adaptability and characteristics are changed, and for the product in the environment Whether cracking, breakage, etc. will occur under the test.

Test project

Promote weatherability

100 hours

Car paint is usually exposed to the outside world in some form, subject to UV, rain, frost, oxygen, heat and other chemical, physical

Optical attack.

Promotes weatherability testing for the gloss, adhesion, hardness and other properties of our company's paint mask layer in the surrounding environment

The various factors of the factor and the endurance under attack are assessed.

Product evaluation through the difference in results before and after the test is an important test for evaluating the comprehensive performance of weatherability.

Color difference (⊿E*ab) ※

Appearance: Compared with before the test, the state after the test was judged not to be deteriorated (no abnormality), that is, the appearance weatherability was excellent.

Chromatic aberration: Contrast to the pre-test, to maintain a very good state, do not see bad changes. In general, the human eye can feel a change of more than 0.5.

The test result of this coating is a difference of 0.2, which is almost equal to no change. Therefore, it is an excellent test result.

※ The color difference (change of color) in the light of the Japanese industrial specification 

Light retention rate 96%
Before the testafter the test
80 77                                                                                                   

Gloss retention rate: The film is coated on the template provided by the Japan Testing Association. The actual gloss on the paint surface will be higher. The purpose of this test is to measure the retention rate. The difference between the pre-test and post-test values represents the gloss retention state. Compared with before the test, the above numerical difference proves that the coating maintains an excellent state with little change. Therefore, the test results of this film are excellent.