KISHO Glass Coating Si-701 Construction Process

- Mar 10, 2018-

Si-701 glass coating agent practice method

1. Drip Si-701 glass coating agent to coating sponge for 7-10 drops, first swear it laterally, then swear it vertically with "#" pattern, recommended at 50cm*50cm for each practice area, and note the usage quantity, since excessive usage per time may lead to non-uniform smearing or wiping obstruction;

2. Postpone for 2-8 minutes after smearing, then use a dry towel to clear surface residue whilst wiping the glass coating film with polishing brightness. Wiping duration recommendation: 30℃=within 3 min, 20℃=within 5 min, 10℃=within 8 min, glass coating hardening rate is directly correlated with temperature and humidity, thus it is recommended to measure local temperature and humidity before determining the wiping duration;

3. Check wiping omission for each part under completion, until the whole vehicle is covered;

4. Complete subsequent practices according to Si-901 glass coating agent and X-03 protectant practice procedures.